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To work as a Doctor in the UK, you need to have:

  1. Valid registration with the General Medical Council (GMC) and licence to practice.
  2. Valid Visa with Work Rights.

A variety of Permanent & Locum jobs available in the UK are posted on our job board, from an extensive network of leading, reputable hospitals, surgeries & medical practices. We specialize in the recruitment of UK trained & Overseas trained Doctor’s and are well placed to assist suitably qualified medical professionals find career opportunities in the UK.

Our expert team will assist you through the entire process from start to finish to ensure you transition to a new role with minimal hassle.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can We Assist you, to work as a Doctor in the UK ?

Emanate Resourcing specialises in the recruitment of Local & Overseas trained Doctor’s & Nurses


If you are looking for Doctor’s Jobs in the UK, we have a variety of Permanent & Locum Doctor’s jobs available in the UK, in an extensive network of leading and reputable hospitals, surgeries and medical practices.

  • To find Doctor’s positions in the UK, please view our Doctor’s Job Vacancies.
  • To know more about Overseas Doctor working in the UK, please refer to the Doctor moving to the UK.
  • If you have further questions or would like to access our Healthcare Recruitment Services, please feel free to Contact Us.

How to work in the United Kingdom as a Doctor

To work as a doctor in the United Kingdom

To work as a doctor in the United Kingdom, all doctors must obtain registration with the General Medical Council (GMC) and licence to practice. The exact requirements for registration will depend on several factors, like nationality, the country of your primary medical qualification and any postgraduate training.

The first step is checking that you possess an acceptable primary medical qualification to apply for registration. Find out about joining the GMC register.

As a rough guideline

  1. A valid and verified primary medical qualification:  Not sure whether your qualification is valid? Double check on General Medical Council website. An EEA country or Switzerland or non-EEA. It may require independent verification (via EPIC verification).
  2. English Language skills: speaking, reading, writing and listening ability must be demonstrated. This is to ensure your patients’ wellbeing is not at risk. This can be demonstrated by passing IELTS/OETS (International English Language Testing System/Occupational English Test) Academic 7.5 or above or Medicine grade B
  3. Proof of Clinical Knowledge: PLAB, Postgraduate qualification, Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration (CESR)  PLAB1 exam – This tests your medical ability. The PLAB1 is a 180 multiple choice paper involving clinical scenarios, which you are given 3 hours to complete. For more information about the PLAB1 and booking it, click here.
  4. PLAB2 exam: This is the 2nd part of the PLAB exams, and involves (with the requirement of a UK Visa) coming to the UK to sit. It is an in-person exam, and you are tested on your clinical skills. For more information about the PLAB2 and booking it, click here. For information on UK Visas for the PLAB2, click here.
  5. GMC Registration: Once you’ve passed your PLAB2, you can apply for a GMC license to practice in the UK.
  6. Evidence of Acceptable Internship: or two years of continuous work practice evidence after graduation
  7. 5-year activity record: medical work, clinical attachments, periods of unemployment or study leave
  8. Certificate of good standing: You will need to provide a certificate of good standing from each medical regulatory authority you’ve been registered or licensed with in the last five years. Each certificate is only valid for 3 months
  9. ID Check: Once your application has been approved, you will be invited to book an identity check within 6 months. This takes place in either Manchester or London. Guidelines on the identity checking process can change at any time due to Covid-19, please visit the GMC for the latest guidelines.
  10. Finding & Applying for a UK: On average, from completing your PLAB2 to getting a , it can take 2 months.


If you’re not a consultant and looking to work in the UK, we recommend applying first for a non-training role in at your grade (FY2, SHO or Registrar  depending on your seniority) before entering a training programme.

If you are a consultant, you can check your eligibility for getting a consultancy here.

The whole process can take between 1 to 3 months but you must allow yourself plenty of time to complete everything and adhere to any deadlines.
*If you wish to work in the UK as a General Practitioner (GP) then you must also join the GP register.


We do not charge Candidates a Fee for Job placement.

As your medical recruitment agent, we do not charge a fee for job placement, since we are paid directly by the employers or industry partners.
*Any fee for additional professional services that we may provide will be communicated in advance and and will proceed only after receiving a consent from you.
*We do charge a placement fee to medical centres when we fill positions.


Our Initial Consultation (15minutes) is always free

Any additional consultation time as needed will be a paid service & will be communicated to you.

From time to time we hold live events and Q& A sessions; do register & send us all relevant information, so we can send a Private Invite to such events.


Emanate Recruitment is different in many ways, including but not limited to the following:
  • We have doctors as founders & Board members to provide overall operational guidance.
  • We are part of a Health Group who own a growing Medical Practice Network
  • We have tied up with Immigration Law Firm for regulatory guidance.
  • We Focus only on Doctor’s & Nurses recruitment.

What’s involved in applying?

For Emanate to be of assistance, we request that you send us your details and CV by registering with us online.

This is the best way to give us the information we need to evaluate the level of assistance we are likely to be able to provide.

What should the CV include ?

We will assist you in securing your desired position across an extensive network of medical providers.

For the recruitment process to begin, you must send us your updated professional resume (CV).

Your CV must include the following:

  • Educational Qualifications
  • Duties and responsibilities of any past jobs you have held
  • Dates of employment (be specific)
  • How many hours per week you worked
  • 3 professional references (Telephone # & Email)

At Emanate, we understand the need to find a Job position that matches your preference, in the shortest time and prompt service.


We will not sell your information to third parties.

If you submit your CV & other Documents to us it will be reviewed by one of our recruitment specialists. Following that, it will be securely stored until needed as part of an application process.
*We will not share your CV to prospective employers without your approval.
* Refer to our privacy policy for more information.

Will my spouse or children be able to work?

Yes your spouse or children will be able to work.


All candidates are contacted immediately upon receipt of their registration by either email and/or telephone.

Following our initial contact, candidates are then emailed regularly regarding suitable positions.

We Build Lasting Relationships
Between Candidates
& Employers

Our 5 Step Process

Finding your perfect job could not be easier.

Step 1 : Nice To Meet You

Apply for a Job, Subscribe for New Job Alerts, Upload your CV or contact us.

Step 2 : Consultation

We will schedule a consultation with a Medical recruiter to understand your professional background, your interests, concerns and what you’re looking for in your next job.

Our recruiter will spend time getting to know you and talking through your interest.

Step 3 : Expansive Employer Network

We will explore where it maybe be best for you and your family to live & work.

Our team will then compile a list of open jobs in our extensive network that matches your interest & skill set. We have a wide network of Healthcare Organizations in our Database & Partnered with many to fulfill ongoing demands.

Step 4 : Hiring Process

Sharing specific opportunities with you to evaluate and determine what is of interest. Once a job that is of interest is identified and you're feeling ready, Emanate Resourcing will then submit your information to the hiring manager & coordinate next steps (i.e. interview, contract negotiation, licensing, credentialing & more).

Step 5 : Interview & Selection

We'll arrange a job interview. Mostly these are face or recorded interview.

Once you have found your dream job, we will confirm your salary, benefits and expected start dates. Next our dedicated Immigration Law Firm will break down the visa process steps.

Follow Up's

Follow up with both yourself and the healthcare employer to make sure the process is moving smoothly and bottle necks are addressed in a timely manner.


Our Healthcare Recruitment Firm is with you every step of the recruitment process.

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